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There are six doctoral researchers at the Leibniz ScienceCampus who joined in March 2020. You can find their profiles and project titles below.

Jon Matlack
Maneuvering towards ‘The West’: U.S. Army-Bundeswehr joint War Games as Conduit for Western Identity Formation

Cornelius Merz
Exploring Identity and Belonging through Spatial Relations - a Comparative Study of Cleveland and Leipzig, 1890-1930

Efthalia Prokopiou
Notions of Home in the Far Right “White Genocide” Narrative: A Multinational and Multilingual Approach to Contemporary Far Right Self-Representations in Europe and the Americas

Igor Stipić
The State and its Students: Hegemonic Structures, Subaltern Pedagogies, and Fractured Community in Bosnia and Chile

Daniela Weinbach
Transnationale Film-Remakes: Zwischen Interkulturalität und universeller Verständlichkeit

Vita Zelenska
What Does it Mean to Be a Refugee? Sites of Knowledge Production and Their Asymmetrical Entanglements