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César Díaz-Carrera

Complutense University of Madrid

Duration of stay: June-July 2023


César Díaz-Carrera is the founder of Public Leadership studies at the School of Political Science, Complutense University, Madrid, where he teaches "The Political System of the European Union" and "Creative Leadership". Former professor and Director of Studies at the "Collège Universitaire d´Etudes Fédéralistes", he lectured and taught in numerous public and private organizations and universities, including the University of California at Berkeley, RCC- Harvard University and several North American and European universities. Carrera himself accomplished a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and Political Science at the University of Washington and got his Diploma in Advanced European Studies in Public Administration from the College of Europe in Bruges and in Constitutional Law and Political Science in Madrid (Centro de Estudios Constitucionales ).

Author of more than fifty publications in different languages - e.g. articles on creativity - and of three documentary films on Creative Leadership for the Spanish public television TVE2 (in 2008), he has also been a political analyst at the Spanish public radio. Beyond his work in the social sciences and management studies, he is also an award-winning (received International Poetry Prize de Poesía Café Marfil) poet. For several years he has been on the editorial board of the journal of the European Consortium for political research.

His publications include the book “Cultura, Territorio e Identidad en Galicia. Estudio sociológico de una periferia en transición” / “Culture, Territory and Identity in Galicia. Sociologiocal study of a periphery in transition” (Edit. Universidad Complutense, madrid, 1982) and the articles “The Autonomic State: A Democratic Challenge to the Creative Imagination” (La Regionalizzazione) and “La féderalisme en tant que philosophie” /”Federalism as a Philosophy in L’Europe en formation.

Seminar director, lecturer and workshop facilitator, Dr. Díaz-Carrera is also an international consultant on Creative Leadership, Government and Organizational performance. And on Personal and Team Creativity. For instance, he was a member of IPSA (International Political Science Association) as well as of the research group on Strategic Leadership of the University of Oxford. Furthermore, he was a co-founder and Secretary General of the Association for European Integration and Director General of the Center for European Research and Training, and member of the CIFE (Centre International de Formation Européene)

You can find his full CV here.

During his time in Regensburg, he will give a Brownbag talk on 28 June (12:15) in Room PT 3.0.76 at UR titled Food for Thought: How the “hard sciences” can assist social sciences to stay right on course while becoming useful change agents. This talk is open to all students, staff and colleagues from UR and IOS. You are welcome to enjoy some snacks, drinks and informal exchanges during the session. While in Regensburg he is also open to consultations on his various fields of expertise, on leadership and management strategies, as well as on literature, poetry and culture. He will also improve his German skills while here.