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Welcome Roumen Avramov | Visiting Researcher

We are delighted to welcome Roumen Avramov from the Centre for Advanced Study in Sofia as a visiting fellowship holder. He will be with the ScienceCampus and based at IOS throughout June 2024.

Roumen Avramov is a Bulgarian economist and historian with a rich academic and professional background. Born in Paris, France, he holds a Ph.D. from the Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia. He has been senior research fellow at the Bulgarian academy of sciences, Economic Adviser to the President of Bulgaria, Vice-President of the Agency for Economic Coordination and Development, Member of the Board of governors of the Bulgarian national bank, Programme Director at the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia. Before his retirement he held the position of Permanent Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia and is currently a member of its Academic Advisory Council.

In addition to his publications, Avramov has played a pivotal role in editing significant historical documents, such as those related to the deportation of Jews from Vardar Macedonia, Western Thrace, and Pirot during March 1943, ensuring that these critical events are meticulously documented and studied. His contributions are important to both historians and economists in understanding the complex interplay of economics and societal changes in Bulgaria.

During his time in Regensburg, he will give a guest lecture addressing Jews under Bulgarian Rule During the Holocaust: Institutional Settings, Bifurcating Trajectories and Memories. The talk takes place on 11 June at 12:00 in Room S.214. This will be followed by an informal meet-and-greet session with other visiting researchers who are in Regensburg in June.