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Snaklab Talk | Vjeran Pavlakovic: Dalmatians in the Desert: Southeast European Immigrants in Arizona, 1880-1920

On Wednesday, 16 Nov at 16:00 at Altes Finanzamt Room 017, current IOS visiting scholar Vjeran Pavlakovic will give a talk as part of the Snaklab series organized by the VW Foundation Project, seeFField.

On behalf of our friends at the VW-Foundation seeFField Project -  Strengthening Southeast European Studies - we would like to invite you to the first Snaklab talk of this semester, which takes place on Wednesday, 16 November, from 16:00–18:00 in Room 017 at the Altes Finanzamt. There will be some regional snacks and drinks after the talk with Vjeran Pavlakovic, currently a visiting fellow at IOS and Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Rijeka. For more details on the event, which is certainly relevant to the themes of the ScienceCampus Europe and America, too, please see the attachment or contact Claudia Hempel, assistant at seeFField. For more on the project, visit

In his talk, Vjeran Pavlaković will examine the untold story of a group of immigrants who settled in Tucson at the turn of the nineteenth century and whose fates were interwoven into the socio-economic history of both Arizona and their distant homeland on the Adriatic coast. Although considered ‘Austrians’ by the US authorities, they originated from Dalmatia, most notably the city of Dubrovnik and its vicinity. In his presentation, Pavlaković will present the preliminary results of work on his forthcoming book Tucson’s Little Dalmatia: Transnational Migration from Southeastern Europe to the American Southwest, 1880–1920. It uncovers the contributions of this relatively small but influential immigrant community that left its mark on the city of Tucson at a time of its transition from a frontier outpost into a modern American metropolis. The talk will explore issues of migration, white colonialism, national identities, borderland studies, and collective memory that intersects in the American Southwest.

When? 16.11.2022, 16:00
Where? Altes Finanzamt 017