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Keynote Lecture | Marcus Wagner (Augsburg) | Employee Green Behavior and Sustainability-related Tensions in Teams

This is the first of two keynote lectures in the 2023 Leibniz ScienceCampus Annual Conference Sustainability and Firm Performance in Europe and the Americas. It is possible to attend the keynote talks in person or by registering via Zoom. Please find the link to register below.


When? Thursday, 30 November, 09:30

Where? In person in Room 319, Altes Finanzamt, or via Zoom


Employee Green Behavior (EGB) is increasingly investigated in the attempt to understand how employees can contribute to greening the organization. Yet, while antecedents of EGB have experienced considerable scholarly interest, challenges and tensions that emerge as individuals engage in voluntary EGB remain to be explored. Drawing on survey data from 388 respondents within 74 teams the main results of this study indicate that voluntary Employee Green Behavior is a major driver for salience of tensions in teams. We further find this relation to be moderated by how much team colleagues encourage each other to behave green. These findings stress the critical role of the team as the social context in which voluntary EGB takes place and suggest a ‘task-conflict nature’ of sustainability-related tensions in teams. It appears the question is no longer ‘whether’ employees are willing to engage but rather ‘in which’ green activity they should engage as they face resource constraints striving to reach a joint goal.

Prof. Dr Marcus Wagner holds the Chair in Management, Innovation and Sustainable Business at the University of Augsburg.