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Keynote Lecture | Claudia Doblinger (TU Munich – Straubing Campus) | Climate-tech Startup Collaborations and the Underrated Importance of Governmental Partner

This is the second of two keynote lectures in the 2023 Leibniz ScienceCampus Annual Conference Sustainability and Firm Performance in Europe and the Americas. It is possible to attend the keynote talks in person or by registering via Zoom. Please find the link to register below.


When? Friday, 1 December, 13:00

Where? In person in Room 319, Altes Finanzamt, or via Zoom

Accelerating innovation in clean energy technologies is a policy priority for governments around the world aiming to mitigate climate change and to provide affordable energy. While most research has focused on the role of governments financing R&D and steering market demand, there is a more limited understanding of the role of direct government interactions with startups. This talk demonstrates the relevance of direct government-startup interactions for increased inventive activity and likelihood of crossing the “valley of death” in the context of climate-tech startups. Empirical findings for two forms of government-startup interactions will be presented: (i) Direct technology and licensing collaborations between climate-tech startups and government partners, which proved to enhance startup patenting and follow-on financing more than comparable collaborations with private firms or universities. (ii) Financial, technological, and managerial support for climate-tech startups through innovation agencies, specifically the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) program that supports high-risk, high-reward startups. Empirical findings suggest that ARPA-E-funded startups filed patents at twice the rate of similar firms. While the agency’s high-risk high-reward funding model has succeeded in advancing energy technology, more is needed to help innovative firms cross the valley of death and bring new climate-tech products to market.

Prof. Dr Claudia Doblinger holds a Professorship in Innovation and Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) based at the Straubing Campus.