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Chapter Workshop for Doctoral Researchers - 16 July 2021

| Doctoral Program

This event is obligatory for all ScienceCampus doctoral researchers. You should submit a chapter of around 20 pages and an outline of your thesis by 28 June 2021. More details below.

The Graduate School and ScienceCampus doctoral programme includes the provision that all Doctoral Researchers must present at least one chapter of their dissertation within eighteen months of start of their funding. The texts that you present form the basis of an assessment that decides whether your funding and membership of the Graduate School (or ScienceCampus) will be continued. The date for the Chapter Workshop in this coming summer semester has been set for Friday, 16 July, provisionally as an all-day event to be held in person. Slots will be confirmed shortly. The first will begin at 09:15.

What is expected of you?

In the Chapter Workshop, doctoral researchers present a completed chapter of their doctoral thesis to an audience made up of selected members of the GS/ScienceCampus. The chapter, submitted ahead of the Workshop, will be assessed by suitable faculty members (not the supervisor) who are involved in the GS or ScienceCampus as Principal Investigators, Module Coordinators or postdocs. Fellow doctoral researchers are also encouraged to join the discussion. Thesis supervisors will also be invited to attend the Workshop.

The chapter submitted for assessment should be around twenty pages long. It should make clear the theoretical and empirical aspects of the doctoral project, while reflecting the disciplinary context of your thesis and its broader structure. An expanded project proposal (Exposé) or a lecture/conference paper, do not constitute a chapter. Because each doctoral researcher has an individual approach to writing, there are no specific guidelines regarding which chapter should be submitted for discussion.

The deadline for submitting the chapter manuscript together with an outline of the contents of the entire dissertation is Monday, 28 June 2021. Please send your documents to We will then forward the documents to the discussants, while the rest of the participants of the workshop will be able to access the materials via intranet (


Structure of the Workshop

Each doctoral researcher will give a short talk of around 10 minutes, outlining the central arguments of their chapter. This will be followed by comments from the discussant, which should last no longer than 10 minutes. There will be further discussion, with the slot for each doctoral researcher being 45 minutes in total. The results of the "evaluation" will be proclaimed directly at the end of the workshop. We hope that it will be possible to meet after the workshop for drinks and food.

Participants have received the schedule and access details for Zoom. If you have any questions regarding the chapter workshop, please get in touch.