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Second ScienceCampus Writing-Up Grant Awarded: Thalia Prokopiou

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Following a competitive call for applications in summer 2023, the ScienceCampus has awarded three doctoral writing-up grants. Thalia Prokopiou is the second person to take up this opportunity.

The Leibniz ScienceCampus Europe and America is delighted to welcome back Thalia Prokopiou, now as a doctoral writing-up scholarship holder. She will receive funding for three months to work on the final stages of her dissertation, Notions of Home in the Far Right “White Genocide” Narrative: A Multinational and Multilingual Approach to Contemporary Far Right Self-Representations in Europe and the Americas. She is supervised by Prof. Dr Volker Depkat (UR, American Studies) and Prof. Rainer Liedtke (UR, European History).

Thalia Prokopiou holds a degree from Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, and a master’s degree in North and Latin American Studies from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (MA The Americas/Las Américas). She has conducted research in the fields of human rights, literature and culture. During her studies she also worked as an editor and a writing coach. She has a strong interest in comparative methodologies and discourses of power.

She joined the Leibniz ScienceCampus Regensburg in March 2020 as a doctoral researcher. She has been developing her interdisciplinary research on contemporary issues of political change and continuity. Her PhD project takes a critical angle on contemporary far-right groups and parties. The central research questions revolve around populist far-right rhetoric in Europe and the Americas with a comparative focus on Greece and the USA. The goal of the project is to engage critically with tropes of homeland and to analyze the use of symbols and metaphors in far-right textual and audiovisual political narratives. Key terms for this project are: homeland, White Supremacy, transatlantic studies, hypernationalism and populism.

During her time at the ScienceCampus, Thalia has been actively involved in organizing and co-organizing events, including the Workshop Transnational Memory Cultures and American Studies and workshops with leading scholars including Jeffrey Olick.

She was also selected to participate in the Regensburg-Berkeley Doctoral Exchange Programme in 2023. You can read more about her experiences conducting research in the USA here on our Frictions blog-journal.