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Lecture Series | 15 May, 16:15 | Yi Yi Prue (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Climate Litigation within and outside of Bangladesh

Where? H14, Universität Regensburg

When? Monday 15 May 2023, 16:15-17:45

The lecture will dive into the climate issues pressing in Bangladesh. It will adress litigation efforts in Bangladesh as well as in Germany.

About Yi Yi Prue (source https://www.decolonizationinaction.com/episodes/season-4-episode-7):
Yi Yi Prue is an Indigenous lawyer and climate activist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prue advocates for the Indigenous perspectives from Bangladesh and Nepal, for example Marma, Munda and Tamang communities, who are heavily affected by climate change-related catastrophes, that are the result of historic colonial and current neocolonial exploitation. In January 2020, she successfully led a complaint at the German Constitutional Court against the insufficient German climate protection measures.

This talk forms part of the lecture series Climate Change: Action and Law in the Global South and Beyond the West organized by Prof. Dr. Rike Krämer-Hoppe (DIMAS/Law) with Dr. Paul Vickers (DIMAS/ScienceCampus). Find the full programme here.