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Kate Wroblewski

Photo: Leisa ThompsonUniversity of Michigan

, Ann Arbor

Visiting Fellow

Duration of stay: May 2022

Contact: mwroblew@umich.edu

Kate Wroblewski is lecturer and assistant director of undergraduate studies in history at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. She is a specialist in nineteenth and twentieth century world history, including transatlantic and global migration, as well as questions of citizenship and law. In Regensburg she will be working on developing her book manuscript, which examines the experiences of peasant labor migrants from partitioned Poland and the newly constituted Polish state as they moved to cities across Europe and the United States, as well as Brazil, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and in particular how those individuals understood the changing labor conditions associated with capitalism. Rooted in interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship, this work incorporates social theory, the history of education, and religious studies, to consider how labor migrants fashioned themselves as self-sufficient and upwardly mobile individuals.

Kate Wroblewski will be part of the session “Meet the Partner: Ann Arbor” on Thursday 5 May, at 16:15. With three scholars from Ann Arbor currently in Regensburg, she and her colleagues will be happy to engage in discussion on how research and teaching works in Ann Arbor, what approaches there are to Area Studies and other fields, as well as offering advice to anyone who would like to visit the University of Michigan as a ScienceCampus fellow or through other formats. On 16 May, at 18:15, she will give a talk in H19 in the Sammelgebäude at UR, as part of the ScienceCampus and CITAS lecture series: “Fit For Citizenship?: Polish Migration and the Politics of Respectability in the Early Twentieth Century”.


Photo credit: Leisa Thompson